NASA Artists' Concepts of Habitations

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Most of this artwork comes from 1975 and 1976. Serveral summer studies were held to design habitats for up to 10,000 people, and then artistic renderings were done of the concepts.

Exterior view of a double cylinder colony.

The interior of a cylindrical colony looking through large windows.

Cross-section of a torus-like colony.

Interior shot of a cylindrical habitat, with an Earth-like world prominent and a syspension bridge.

Space view of a torus cross-section.

Cloudscape in a large cylinder.

Exterior view of several two-cylinder colonies.

Ground level shot of the interior of a torus.

Classic single torus unit colony.

Interior shot of bernal sphere.

Exterior shot of bernal spehere, with a peek inside.

Working in zero-gee.

Exterior view of serveral neighboring torus colonies.

Classic bernal spehre colony.

Babylon 5 anyone? (This is from 1976).

Bernal sphere agriculture module cut-away.

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