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1. defend 2. guarded the prisoner. 3. To keep (an opposing player) from scoring or playing efficiently. 4. Guard what you say. 5. guarded the door. 6. To furnish (a device or object) with a protective piece. 7. To escort. 8. guard against infection. 9. To serve as a guard. 10. One who protects, keeps watch, or acts as a sentinel. 11. One who supervises prisoners. 12. an honor guard. 13. A railway employee in charge of a train. 14. One of the two offensive linemen on either side of the center. 15. Either of the two players normally positioned in the backcourt who are responsible for bringing the ball to and initiating offensive plays from the frontcourt. 16. A defensive position or stance, as in boxing or fencing. 17. The act or duty of guarding. 18. a prisoner under close guard. 19. a guard against tooth decay. 20. A device or an attachment that prevents injury, damage, or loss, especially: 21. An attachment or a covering put on a machine to protect the operator or a part of the machine. 22. A device on a foil, sword, or knife that protects the hand. 23. a shin guard. 24. A small chain or band attached to a watch or bracelet to prevent loss. 25. A ring worn to prevent a more valuable ring from sliding off the finger. 26. A signal that prevents accidental activation of a device or ambiguous interpretation of data. 27. Not alert; unprepared. 28. Alert and watchful; cautious. 29. To keep watch. 30. To act as a sentinel.
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