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1. The puppy fetched the stick that we had tossed. 2. To cause to come. 3. fetched a thousand dollars at auction. 4. To interest or attract. 5. To draw in (breath); inhale. 6. To bring forth (a sigh, for example) with obvious effort. 7. To deliver (a blow) by striking; deal. 8. fetched port after a month at sea. 9. To go after something and return with it. 10. To retrieve killed game. Used of a hunting dog. 11. To take an indirect route. 12. To hold a course. 13. To turn about; veer. 14. The act or an instance of fetching. 15. A program routine that brings a module of a program from storage into main memory for immediate use. 16. A stratagem or trick. 17. The distance over which a wind blows. 18. The distance traveled by waves with no obstruction. 19. To reach a stopping place or goal; end up. 20. To make up (lost time, for example). 21. To bring forth; produce. 22. To bring to a halt; stop.
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